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2019: Evan on the Job

Everyone asked for it, so here it is! Evan on the job! Bringing Evan into my business this year as my second shooter was seriously one of the best decisions I could have made. Not only do all of you love him, literally every single review we get post wedding or session mentions him, but I also absolutely adore working with him. He has given every engagement session and every single wedding his all, taking some seriously incredible photos. He has spent a lot of hours traveling with me, a lot of late nights helping me culling photos, is currently helping me redesign my entire website, and honestly he helps every single place he can. Evan is definitely part of the dream team.

Now every single image is unedited again because I'm just giving you it how it is, and to be honest most of Evan's photos are really cute and actually him working. There are still a few funny, and I promise to be better about taking photos of him in 2020.

This is actually Evan's favorite photo I took of him all year, which I totally agree on it being a really good one.

This lake was a dreamy background for this portrait.

Every time I see this photo I start singing making my way downtown, walking fast...

"Go stand by the flowers so I can test the lighting." Did not expect him to smell them.

Honestly my favorite photo of him on the job from the year. I laughed the second I saw this shot when I went through them this past week.

I told you most of the photos were of Evan actually working and looking good. I apparently need to work on my facial expressions and being caught off guard.

Waiting for a nose itch, but the camera is up and ready to go just incase.

Thankful for a guy second shooter who can squat in the aisle easily to get those closer shots.

Evan said this photo was artsy. I say its one of my favorite because I was obsessed with shooting at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Taylor and Paul are really good friends of mine and they instantly adored Evan so he did some pretty hilarious things at his engagement session, including dropping into the background of the photo. The next photo I took of Taylor and Paul was them dying of laughter from Evan.

I think 70% of the photos I took of Evan this year involved him squatting to get a shot.

I wanted him to stand there so I could test lighting. He decided to pretend like he was playing the nose game.

Im taking a picture of him taking a picture of him taking a picture.

Always testing lighting and getting those settings just right.

Evan with the squats for the perfect photos.

Shooting on the gorgeous Notre Dame Campus.

Working on a blog post for the new year that shows us behind the scenes and then what the shot looked like. This will be in there for sure.

If you zoom in, you will see that Evan is beyond excited. So this photo is called: When you are just excited to be there.

Another great shot of him working. I really need to up my funny and ugly photo taking skills.

When your couple gets married in a car museum, you sit in the race car.

Then pout about it.

I'd like to call this picture, it was 34 degrees, 20mph winds, and RAINING. We were freezing.

Evan loves detail photos as much as I do, if not possibly more.

Literally the only shot that we are both in, and the shot without Evan in it made its way into my blog post. We might need to hire someone to document us shooting for a day.

Now that we are done with the photos...a huge thank you to all of my couples who loved on him, and let him capture their big day along side me. We love you a ton! Can not wait for the 2020 blog post of Evan because it is my mission to get about 5x more photos for you next year!


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