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2018: On the Job

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

2018, what a freaking year. Normally I start this blog post off by saying do you ever wonder what I look like behind a camera? But then I realized if I have photographed you that you do know what I look like behind a camera so it was a dumb question. However I bet you never realized the amount of ugly, sassy, down right mean looking faces I actually make while I am behind my camera, because my second shooter really captured a lot of really tragic photos of me this year. So while I am super embarrassed that my face actually looks like that at times, I know they are totally hilarious, and I did laugh at them while I worked on this post. I want to thank everyone who hired me and allowed me to capture their big day, or their engagement, family, senior, or child, you are the reason these photos exist and so many people thank you. I thank you because you make my dream job possible. Disclaimer, there are some actually decent photos of me working and doing my thing which are included in this post, but I know all of you just come to this post for the ugly ones and hilarious commentary. So I hope you enjoy!

Also one more disclaimer: these photos are not edited at all. I don't feel the need to because they are simply just here to be laughed at.

So this photo is totally blurry, but I had to share. Normally I am the baby whisper, but that was not the case with this ring bearer. He was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Update: the ring bearer and I actually became really good friends, and he even let me fix his shirt. He then followed me around for a good 30 minutes.

My job as a wedding photographer is so much more then just taking pictures. I do so much on a wedding day outside of that. For example here I was putting the ring bearer back into his outfit so he was ready to go for pictures.

Detail shots are life. Enough said.

Always checking my camera to make sure I got the perfect shot. I did.

Another behind the scenes photo from the White wedding, of Taylor, her step mom, and two sisters.

Fun fact, this photo actually made it onto Instagram as an Introduction Friday post, and is probably one of my favorite photos captured of me this year.

Another picture that made its way onto Instagram as an Introduction Friday, and another favorite from this year, especially since it includes this special couple.

This photo is such a typical reception photo. I manage to step into my second shooter's shots 90% of the time, and yet he is never in mine. He is so much better at being out of the way but I laughed when I saw my "jelly fish" on my camera. A little back story about my "jelly fish." So the thing on my camera is actually called a Magmod and I had seen a ton of photographers with them and showed them to my boyfriend hoping he would buy me one eventually. He totally came through on Valentine's day and bought me one! I had to show my parents and when I said "look what Jordan got me!" my mom asked if it was a boob implant or a jelly fish. Hence how it became the jelly fish.

"Take a photo of me to see what the light is like on this wall." This is full sass right here.

This photo was a result of my second shooter telling me to smile at him.

The Crilley wedding was really awesome because they put everyone one row back so the photographer (me) and the videographer could be front and center when everyone came down the aisle. It made getting my shot so easy, but apparently it was necessary I look pissed about it.

The wind was unreal, and it was probably about 15 degrees, but I was going to take the time to fix Kelsey's dress or else.

Always checking to make sure I got the shot, and multitasking by holding the bouquet.

Those calf muscles tho. This photo is actually a behind the scenes from the shooting of my promo video.

Another behind the scenes from my promo video!

The videographer wanted me to look down at my camera and smile like I got the perfect shot. I made a horrifically ugly face after, which was captured by my second shooter but it was too ugly to share.

This is such a typical "Abbey taking a photo" stance. I always put all my weight on my right foot, with my left behind me and when my leg gets tired I switch. Seriously I am in this stance in 90% of these photos.

Another photo which made its way onto Instagram for Introduction Friday, and another photo where I am doing my typical one leg taking all the weight stance.

This shot cracks me up because it looks like I am taking a photo of Sedona's butt. I wasn't, I promise. I was actually taking a photo of Kyle's hands, for what reason I do not know.

Always laying out the dress so it looks flawless.

Im literally crying over this photo. I do this shot every once and awhile where I puff my brides dress and run out, but apparently I do not run very quickly.

This was taken during my special needs sessions weekend, so that is why I am dressed so causally! But this is also a pretty typical Abbey face. My second shooter cracks the best jokes, at the most random times and they always get a laugh out of me.

"Is it awkward if I do this with my hands?"

This was day two of my special needs sessions. We had an hour gap so I laid on the blanket and took a much needed break.

Another typical Abbey face, which my second shooter receives about 20 times a day.

This is the definition of an RBF, and I am not ashamed about it. I actually once had a college professor tell me I had a stare so icey cold that he though it could probably freeze someones heart. That was freshman year of college, and ever since then I try to keep a semi smile on my face at all times so no one ever days it again.

*Throw Veil

*Step Aside

Should of been a lot easier then I made it if I had literally just stepped the other way.

Seriously, why didn't I just walk the other way.

As always checking my shots.

I promised ugly photos, so here is one. I was really busy staring at a spider making sure it didn't move while my second tested the lighting to see how purpleish it actually was.

Fun fact: If you have a baby at your wedding, chances are I will end up holding them.

This photo also made it onto my Instagram for Introduction Friday, because it is another favorite of mine. I love kids, so when Zach and Rosie had a ton of adorable nieces and nephews I knew I had to hold one.

Another shot that made it to Introduction Friday, and another shot where I was totally unaware of my second shooter and blocking his shot.

The "are you seriously taking a picture of me right now" look. Also if someone could explain why I am holding my pinky that way, I would appreciate you.

Again the pinky holding is bothering me. However I wanted to say that when shooting weddings I rarely check my phone, simply because I am working and have way too much to focus on to check my texts. However I was trying to figure out if the bride was at the church yet. I am also carrying my styling kit, which is what I use when shooting details. This was actually the first wedding I had to fully assembled and ready to use for!

Always testing and checking my settings.

Just shooting a few details shots here. After looking at the shot I realized I forgot to buckle the shoes and quickly fixed my mistake!

If I had a resume, it would be pretty short as outside of photography I have only ever had one other job. However pro dress fluffer would be right at the top.

We arrived to the park about 10 minutes ahead of the bridal party, so I took 5 seconds to check my phone. My second shooter thought it would be a good time to snap my photo.

Calling the bride to make sure they didn't get lost.

This shot is a little extra special because my dad took it. My normal second shooter, Simon, was unavailable the first half of the wedding so my dad came and second shot for me. He is where I got my love of photography from.

Another one from my dad of me doing my job!

I honestly wish I knew what I was talking about with Justin right here, but it was obviously important since everyone seems to be listening.

There is not a ton of photos of me at receptions simply because we are too busy stuffing our face and taking photos to worry about any extras, but one exists and it had to be shared. Again I am always in my second shooters shots.

If you know anything about me, I AM OBSESSED WITH DETROIT. So I was able to shoot at Belle Isle Conservatory in Detroit this summer and I had to have my second shooter grab a shot of me! Seriously nearly cried as we drove into Detroit. I am obsessed with the abandoned buildings and culture of Detroit and was so thrilled to have an excuse to go there.

Another photo that made Introduction Friday because A) perfect photo of me doing my job, and B) I seriously love this couple.

I said it above and I will say it again, if there is a little kid at your wedding I will befriend them. This little one didn't leave my side most of the night.

I always ask my second shooter to test lighting, which means I have about 10000 ugly photos of me standing while he does. I am just realizing I could have 10000 good photos if I would just smile and stop refusing to look at the camera.

This is my "it is over 90 degrees" face. A little fun fact for you guys, I hate hot weather. Like totally hate it. Anything over 75 and I am sweating. However weirdly the heat doesn't bother me on wedding days or at shoots. I shot a wedding lsat year where it was 98 degrees and we were in sun all day and I wasn't phased. However ask me to just go outside for fun on a day of 75 and I will totally say no.

"I will intensely read the program hoping my second will stop taking pictures of me."

"Are you really taking another photo of me?"

Probably told me a stupid joke like he always does.

Always reviewing photos to make sure I took the perfect shot!

Please ignore the fact that I have massively frizzy hair. Not only was it 75 in October, it was also insanely foggy, straight overcast and we had about 8 inches of rain the night before. I wore rain boots for most of the photos for this wedding because I had to stand in pure mud.

This was actually the wedding of my childhood best friend, meaning I knew a good majority of people there, so naturally I kept getting pulled onto the dance floor while trying to do my job. After the 4th or 5th time I gave in and my second started snapping.

Probably planning something with the maid of honor tbh.

My hair was straight, but this wedding came with an insane amount of wind meaning it went up immediately. It was also 42 degrees, so we were all pretty much freezing while taking these bride and groom portraits, but well worth it.

But this is my last shot I have of me from weddings that I shot this year, which is so bittersweet. There were plenty of more behind the scene photos that were not captured because my second shooter was too busy going his actual job which is a lot more important. However, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into behind the scenes of all our amazing couple's wedding days. Obviously there isn't behind the scene photos from every wedding, but these provided enough of a laugh, seriously I made some ugly faces this year. A huge thank you to everyone who chose Messy Photography to capture their big day! We (my second shooters and I) love you! I can not wait for another year of hilarious behind the scene photos coming in 2019!


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