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Lauren and Jimmy | Salomon Farms | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Lauren and Jimmy may look familiar to you, and that is because I already photographed some engagement photos for them this year. However due to the fact that is was 95 degrees and 100% humidity we decided to take their hour long engagement session and divide into two 30 minute ones. I could not be happier we did this mainly because Lauren and Jimmy got the best of both worlds with a sweet summer engagement session, and an equally adorable fall one, but also because I love fall engagements, and working with them twice means they will totally kill their poses on their wedding day.

Lauren and Jimmy's fall engagement was a little bit different from their summer one. Like their summer one we did not have the best weather. It was sprinkling the entire time we took photos, but you would never be able to tell because these two have become pros at handling nasty weather after we shot their summer engagement session in 95 degree heat with 100% humidity. However it was way cooler, which was more enjoyable for everyone. Lauren and Jimmy were even more giggly with each other making my job a total breeze, and these two continuously radiated love for each other which was pretty expected after they did that exact same thing at their session this summer. These two are seriously so sweet with each other. Jimmy makes Lauren laugh, and Lauren always has the biggest smile on her face. The way these two are with each other you can just tell that they are totally in love and a perfect match. I could not be any more excited to be their wedding photographer, and will be anxiously awaiting their June wedding!

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