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Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Want to know why I think my job is the best? Well it is because I have the pleasure of photographing the weddings of some of my very best friends. I honestly could not think of a way to feel more special to my friends then when they ask me to be their wedding photographer. I would imagine it is what most people feel like when they are asked to be a bridesmaids. But instead of wearing a pastel colored dress, and drinking champagne with my friends all day, I get to come in and take the photos that they will look at for the rest of their lives. So my job is pretty much the most important, but also the best because of that. I get to be a part of my friend's weddings in a way no one else gets to, and it makes my job the most amazing thing in the world, and this engagement session will turn into a wedding that fits that exact description.

I met Taylor in my senior year of college. It was fall, and we both happened to be in the world's dumbest 6pm class on a Thursday, called Teaching English. I say it was dumb because we literally did nothing except discuss different ways to teach English. As a senior in college and an english teaching major, I knew how to teach english, I was about to do it for 4 months of student teaching, with potential to do it the rest of my life. So to me, this was a big blowoff easy class, that Taylor also happened to be in. We sat across the room from each other, and didn't exchange many words for awhile, until the person she sat with dropped the class, and I had messaged her about a homework question, and from there our friendship began over the mutual dislike of the class. Unluckily for our teacher, she suffered an injury and class was cancelled the rest of the semester, lucky for us because we all ended up with A's. After class finished we went to occasionally talking here and there, until she asked me about engagement photos because her and her boyfriend had been talking about getting engaged, we exchanged numbers and our friendship literally blossomed from there. There is not a single day I don't talk to Taylor, literally on Monday she texted me and said I haven't talked to you since yesterday morning, it feels weird. We literally talk all the time, and I have the privilege of calling her one of my best friends. We share bonds over food, talking to each other about relationship problems, teaching because we both happen to sub, and literally everything. Seriously there is not a single convo off limits to us. So basically being her wedding photographer is the best thing she could of asked of me. Literally. Capturing one of my best friend's weddings is going to mean I will be crying behind the camera but that's fine, because we have been talking about that day since she got engaged and I think we will cry because we are both so relived that Taylor can stop being stressed by wedding planning and decisions. But it will all come back when it is my turn in a couple of years.

But enough about Taylor because clearly I adore her, and her friendship, there is also the other half of this relationship, Paul, who I adore as well mainly because of how happy he makes Taylor. Seriously wait until you get to these photos, that man can bring a smile to her face, and so much laughter. So in my book he's pretty great, but they did bring their puppy, a golden retriever so to be honest I spent most of the time looking and obsessing over the dog. So basically as you all know since they brought their dog to their engagement session, they are the greatest clients and I adore them. But seriously so so so so so excited to watch these two get married in a year and I could not be more thankful to be such a big part of their day!

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