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Olivia and Nick | Salomon Farms | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Olivia and Nick actually came to me from a referral, well two to be exact. Kelsey, and Casey who I both photographed this year told Casey there was no way she should hire anyone else, which is how I found myself sitting down with her at Starbucks, less then an hour later she was texting me telling me she wanted to book. If you remember anything about Kelsey and Casey's wedding you know they were absolutely gorgeous and I am so excited to be photographing another friend from their friend group, who I know is going to have an equally gorgeous wedding. I mean, Nick and Olivia are getting married at a super pretty church, and are just about the cutest couple ever, so June can't come soon enough. Seriously, I am patiently waiting for June because this is going to be a good one!

Nick and Olivia are one of the cutest couples I have had the pleasure of working with, and basically could be an inspiration for the next romance movie because these two are so perfect together and just so good. Words escape me when it comes to describing these two because I just totally adore these two in every way. Nick makes Olivia laugh so hard, and brings the biggest smile to her face. But she is never the only one smiling, seriously Nick has a smile from ear to ear the second he pulls Olivia close, or I would ask him about her. These two are so crazy in love and literally were a total dream to photograph, especially because they brought their equally adorable dog, Tex. Seriously I put a few blooper photos of him in this post because I was laughing so hard and I knew others would too. But seriously I spent their whole engagement session wishing it would just last another hour because these two are amazing and so photogenic, and so meant to be together. They also found me hilarious, so that definitely gives them some extra points with me. We just had such a blast together at their engagement session, so I really can not wait for these two to get married next June and to be the one who has the honor of capturing it all. Couples like Olivia and Nick, are truly why I love my job so dang much.

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