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Bowen Wedding | Union 12 | Columbia City, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Extremely bias and emotional blog post about to come because I am blogging my childhood best friend's wedding.

Sara and I have been friends since 4th grade when she arrived at our school. She was part of our huge friend group that spent every weekend together at sleepovers. However in 6th grade Sara and I became best friends, and spent nearly every waking moment together. She slept over every Friday and most Saturdays, and came over after school nearly every day during the week. She basically became my parent's third child. We would always get into things we shouldn't, such as the storage closet where we would climb to the top shelf and lay down hiding. We always tried to hide when her parents came to pick her up, making both of our moms mad when they couldn't find us, but we were just laughing. We spent hours in the woods near my house, we watched scary movies together, and watched Jaws nearly a 100 times. We did everything together for quite some time, until I went off to attend a different high school. But being a photographer has caused a lot of people from my life to come back into my life, including Sara. She texted me last summer, before she was even engaged because she knew she wanted me to photograph her wedding. She wouldn't even get engaged till March, but I was already booked, and oh so excited. Being a wedding photographer brought my childhood best friend back into my life and for that I am so thankful.

Sara and I have been talking and dreaming about our weddings since we were 10, so obviously I was super emotional on her wedding day. This was a day we have talked about for forever and it was finally here for her! I literally could not contain my excitement. However the wedding we planned with each other was vastly different then the wedding that actually happened and thank goodness, because I was definitely going to marry Zac Efron, and Sara was marrying him as well, so the wedding would of been much different. Either that or we were both going to marry a Disney prince. Plus I am pretty sure we had chosen awful color schemes, and it definitely involved giant poofy dresses which Sara did not wear. We were also going to eat pizza, get married in a giant white church, and we would of probably had a choreographed dance to a Jesse McCarthy song. Sara and Erik's wedding definitely ended up being way prettier then anything our 10 year old selves planned, but I still wish Zac Efron had been there. Sara chose an absolutely gorgeous color palette of light blue, and navy, which will definitely go down as one of my favorite color palettes of all time. Her flowers were totally incredible, along with her venue. Sara and Erik got married at Union 12, which will forever be one of my favorite venues. Plus they had this amazing section of wild grass for the fall that was beyond perfect as a back drop for photos. Sara and her dad shared the most emotional first dance which had everyone in a puddle of tears. Erik and Sara's personal vows were so full of love, and touching that I, along with most of the bridal party, and those in attendance, were moved to tears. There was also the gorgeous details such as the cake, the centerpieces, Sara's beaded veil. This day was seriously flawless in every way. We even had the prettiest overcast foggy skies for the background of photos. I couldn't of asked for a better wedding for Sara and Erik.

Sara and Erik were surrounded by one freaking amazing bridal party. I know I say every bridal party I photograph is amazing, but there is just a little something extra about this one. Sara's bridesmaids were absolutely fantastic. They were all absolutely stunning, so amazingly sweet with Sara, totally kind and loving with me, and just poured love on to Sara and Erik. Just wait until you see their reaction when they saw Sara in her dress, and the picture of them praying over her and her new journey in life as a wife. Seriously going to pack up these eight and take them with me to all my weddings. Erik's groomsmen left my second shooter and I laughing. They were rowdy, but fun rowdy in that they made funny comments, and asked me the most random questions. They also cheered for my second shooter every time he took a photo, so they were definitely a blast to work with.

Now Sara and Erik, the reason we were all there. Sara said in her vows she remembered falling in love for the first time when she was five with Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid. However she very clearly upgraded when she found her real life Prince Erik. While Eric from the little mermaid was adorable, and who couldn't love him, the Erik that Sara married was everything we could of asked for in a man for Sara. Erik loves Sara so entirely and completely. He loves Sara more then I thought it was possible to love someone. He looks at her as if the whole world is right in front of him. His vows made me cry because they just reconfirmed how perfect Erik is for Sara, how much he plans to continue to love her, protect her, and be by her side. Sara's vows were filled with an equal amount of overflowing love and devotion to her new husband. These two are so good together, a 100% perfect match, they were definitely made to find and love one another. Their love for each other is so beautiful, and so amazing to capture. There was not a minute that I was photographing them that I was not smiling. I could not be happier that Sara found her real life Prince Erik, and that Erik found his perfect wife in my amazing friend.

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