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Hoeffel Wedding | Private Property | Columbia City, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

A little over three years ago, in my first full year of business I shot 5 weddings. Five brave people trusted me, someone who had no portfolio, just a dream to be a wedding photographer, to shoot their wedding. Let me just sayI would be no where without those five insanely brave people. While I mad next to nothing off those weddings, I did gain a ton of experience, and realized that I did in fact actually want to be a wedding photographer. My fourth wedding I ever shot that year was John and Becky's. Well about three months ago I received a message from Becky's sister Angella, asking if I was available on October 6th to shoot her wedding. She told me she loved my work, and her sister's photos and was hoping I was available to capture her wedding. Fortunately I happened to be available. But there was a part of me in shock. I shot John and Becky's wedding photos over 3 years ago when I was just starting out, and Angella loved those photos so much she decided to hire me. I was just shocked she still followed me after all these years and that I was going to have the pleasure of capturing her wedding as well. But I was pretty thankful and so incredibly happy to be a part of her big day as well.

Angella and Todd got married on their gorgeous private property. Seriously a dream venue for a small intimate wedding. Seriously I am talking absolutely stunning property. Between the barn, and trees, combined with the open space, I totally wished I could live there. They were wed right in their front yard, under a gorgeous wooden arch, complete with mums, pumpkins, and a balloon installation. Let me tell you, I wish I could shoot more weddings with balloon installations because it was absolutely amazing, and I thought it was just so different and fun! They also had a balloon installation on the tent for their reception which was equally amazing. They had the prettiest reception set up. Gorgeous wood tables and chairs, with pumpkins, floral runners, baskets and beautiful place settings. There was also a dessert bar that I will forever hope someone else will recreate because it was incredibly delicious. They had flavored popcorn, cookies, donuts, cupcakes, caramel apples, and apple cider. Seriously loved the options of desserts and it was clearly well loved by the guests! It was a great distraction from the monsoon that was taking place during the reception.

Along with the gorgeous location and details of their day they also had the sweetest and cutest bridal party, their kids. Let me tell you I loved this bridal party. Their youngest, Summer, became my little friend, and even asked if we could be best friends. She spent the evening asking me questions about myself, and my favorite foods, and really wanted to know which dessert I was going to eat first. She was seriously the cutest and I wish I could take her to every wedding with me. But as a whole their kids were totally sweet, and so great to be around. Both Todd and Angela took photos with the kids before the wedding, celebrating their new blended family. Two families truly became one and it was such a pleasure to be a part of.

Besides everything else that was truly amazing, there was Todd and Angella who I totally adore. These two are so sweet together. You can tell they were just meant to be. They radiate with love for each other, and you can tell they just love being in each other's presence. Todd makes Angella smile ear to ear, and just beam, while Angella returns the favor. They are also super sweet in that they loved on each and every one of their guests at their wedding including me. They invited me to sit with their family during dinner, and checked in on me to make sure I ate too. This small intimate wedding was seriously was something out of a magazine, and even better then I could of ever imagined it would be. Literally need to think of an excuse to recreate this entire wedding because I want to shoot it again!

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