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Gaby and Michael | Salomon Farms | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I first met Gaby and Michael at Starbucks about five months ago, they came as a referral from one of my 2018 brides, Gaby's sister Keirsten. I just want to take a moment to say how insanely special it is to be the one who is going to capture both of these sister's days. I honestly wish this was something I had the pleasure of doing more often. I had the pleasure in 2016 of photographing two sister's weddings and it was seriously so awesome. A wedding day tells me so much about my couples, and it was amazing how different of weddings two sisters can plan, and how each of them have wedding that showcases who they are. Yet you see this little things that are the same because after all, sisters are sisters, and they did grow up together. So I can not wait for Keirsten and Gaby to both get married and be a part of both of their big days!

But this post is not about how much I love that I am shooting both of their weddings, this post is about how much I adore Gaby and Michael. This couple is seriously so sweet, and the photos I captured will say more then words can, but I have a few things to say anyways. Michael and Gaby were such a pleasure to photograph and so easy because the way these two are together is so authentically full of love that they made my job so easy. The way they just smile when they make eye contact, and the way Michael makes Gaby laugh so easily. The way Gaby fits perfectly in Michael's arm, and the smile that over takes his face when he puts his arms around her. These two are seriously dreamy together in that they just totally radiate love and affection for each other. They nailed every pose, and seriously were such a blast to work with. I am so thankful Keirsten referred her sister and future brother in law in my direction. Their session made me so excited to photograph them next August!

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