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Alexander Wedding | St Marks Church and The Hayloft | Monroeville, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

As you guys already know this is a couple that is very near and dear to my heart and I have been anxiously awaiting their wedding. But I wanted to remind you of their awesome story before I gush over their wedding. Their story is just so sweet and I feel it really sets the tone for their wedding day, so here we go! These two were actually set up by their sisters, and first met at the Tincaps, hence why we did their engagement photos there. But that is just the beginning of the story, and a little background. They took a trip to Universal Studio's The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. These two both absolutely love to read, and adore Harry Potter. Chase knew this so it obviously was the perfect place to propose in his mind! But Chase didn't just pick the perfect place, he wanted to go above and beyond. So he spent hours hand carving a wand to give to Trista right in Diagon Alley, which was holding her ring when he opened it. When she looked up he was down on one knee. I literally wish I could manage to put their story in every blog post because I just love it so much. But the fact that he proposed in The Wizarding Word of Harry Potter, and the fact that they are book lovers, really describes a lot of the details about their wedding day.

I knew Chase and Trista were going to have a gorgeous wedding day that was customized to showcase them as a couple, but I didn't realize all of the small details that were going into their wedding day that reflected their story. The big thing was their wedding cake. Their wedding cake was Harry Potter themed, complete with golden snitches, Hogwarts Castle, a wand with a ring on it that was identical to the one Chase proposed with, Hedwig the Owl, and a few gorgeous flowers to top it all off. This cake was a cake JK Rowling would definitely approve of. Chase and Trista also spent countless hours hand making her bouquet out of paper, and pages from books. These flowers were so unique and awesome! There was also the super hero shirts that the guys wore under their button ups, so of course we had to do a super hero shirt shot! There was also a gorgeous color palette of navy, and burgundy, a gorgeous venue for photos, and the sweetest bridal party ever. In fact the bridal party was really an area where Chase and Trista made their day all about them. Trista had all six of her sisters in her bridal party which I thought was so sweet, and made me wish I had enough sisters to fill a bridal party, but the real bridal party choice that was all about them was Chase's best man, his grandfather. Cue the tears, and grab a tissue, because I was bawling my eyes out through his best man speech. Chase and his grandfather have spent an ample amount of hours together, and from his stories, Chase just absolutely adores his grandfather, but its the same the other way around. His grandfather said it was the biggest honor to be his grandson's best man. I wish I could of recorded that speech and put it in this blog post because he had so many people in tears with his sweet stories of watching Chase grow up. He also talked about the moment when Trista started calling him Grandpa, and how that's when he knew she was the one. I also think this says a lot about Chase and Trista and their close bond with their family, which I just adore about them.

There are also a million other things I adore about Chase and Trista together. You may remember I totally gushed over them being a photographer's dream when I shot their engagement. I had no idea their wedding would be even better. First off Trista was seriously such a stunning bride, and there is just something about Trista that I just love. She has the sweetest smile, and a very tender and loving way about her that just makes you love being around her. Perfectly complimenting her is Chase, who made one handsome groom. He has the kindest smile, and a warm that really just brings life to a room. These two are such sweet individuals, that it is no wonder they make the perfect couple. The way they look at each other, there is no way to put that into words outside of comparing it to something from a romance movie. The love in their eyes when they look at each other. The way Chase makes Trista laugh, and the smile Trista brings to Chase's face. Seriously these two made my job a total breeze they are just that natural with each other. There is just something about the way Chase pulls Trista right into him, and the way Trista fits so perfectly in his arms. This couple is just 100% meant to be and made for each other. Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE these two and will be over here making a list of excuses to get them back in front of my camera.


Cake: Elite Custom Cakes

Dj: Pete Foster

Venue: St Mark's Lutheran Church and The Hayloft

Dresses: David's Bridal

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