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Brown Wedding | Private Property | Churubusco, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

As a believer in fate I definitely feel that there is already a plan on exactly what weddings I am going to shoot and which I am not, which is why I never get too stressed or upset when a bride decides to use another photographer. I just see it as we were not meant to work together. So when Casey contacted me last year and then went with another photographer I just figured I wasn't meant to be her wedding photographer. However fate had another plan in mind. Casey managed to refer Kelsey and Nick, one of my amazing 2018 couples. So when Casey's wedding photographer cancelled in April, Kelsey was right there to refer her back in my direction. There is literally no other way to explain that then total fate. And let me tell you, I was totally glad fate worked on my side because this wedding was seriously one of the prettiest weddings and I am about to rave about it for several more paragraphs.

I first want to talk about this couple, because they are something totally special. Casey and Colten grew up living only a mile apart, and actually attended the same elementary school but never crossed paths till after high school. Colten's best friend happens to be Casey's cousin, Tanner, and introduced the two. Colten then showed up at Casey's house nearly every day for two months asking Casey on a date, to which she said no. Until Tanner asked if Casey would go on a double date and she finally agreed. Less then a month later the two were dating. Talk about a chance encounter and a little bit of fate. 4 years later on their anniversary he asked her to marry him, and 5 years later on their anniversary they were standing at the alter saying I do. Let me tell you, these two are like two high school kids who are crazy in love, making my job the easiest thing in the world. The way they look at each other brings such a smile to my face, they just radiated love, and affection for each other. You could fully tell these two were meant to be and such a perfect match. Wish I could photograph these two about 100 more times, totally loved every moment with them. Also can we talk about how beautiful Casey looked? Like DANG, I have such pretty brides. But obviously couldn't have beautiful brides without my handsome grooms, so be sure to look at Colten's photos too.

When I mentioned this wedding was one of the prettiest weddings I wasn't joking. Casey and Colten chose a beyond gorgeous color palette of fall colors. The bridesmaids wore maroon, and the bouquets were filled with maroon flowers and giant sunflowers. One of my 2019 brides has a similar color palette and I found myself texting to tell her I loved her for choosing that palette because I am totally obsessed with this palette. Honestly, how many times can I say palette in some sentence. But this palette is definitely one of my favorites I have ever seen. Besides a gorgeous color palette, there was also some super sweet details that I loved. Casey's brother passed away a little over a year ago, so she, both her sisters, her dad, and mom all had a charm on their bouquets, corsage, and boutonniere. There was also the adorable cards Casey and Colten exchanged before their day started, and the hand written notes Casey gave to her mom, dad, and mother in law. There was also the gorgeous belts on all the girls dresses, the awesome custom cups for the bridal party, Casey's amazing dress, the gorgeous cake toppers, the hand made signs, there were just so many incredible and beautiful elements to this wedding that I loved. There was also an amazing bridal party who surrounded Colten and Casey with so much love, had me laughing hysterical several times, and were so much fun to spend time with. We also were transported around from location to location on a super sweet ranger, so I would say this wedding was pretty great all around. But you don't have to just believe my words, the photos will verify all of this.


Florist: Lopshire Florist

Dj: Courtney Brooks

Hair: Jaime Richards with Hair Country

Makeup: Malorie Hanson

Dress: Brides and Beyond, Stella York Gown

Bridesmaids: David's Bridal

Invitations: Shutterfly

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