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Angela and Dylan | Pendleton Falls Park | Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

My job requires me to travel pretty frequently, and let me say that is one of my favorite things about my job. While I don't always travel very far, I still love heading to Indy, or over to Ohio, or up to Lake Michigan to work. It is such a nice change of pace and scenery. I get to discover new locations, and meet amazing new couples. Angela and Dylan happen to be one of those amazing new couples! Angela and Dylan came to me by referral from another photographer this spring. After meeting with them I knew I definitely wanted to be their wedding photographer. Not only are they super cute, and let me tell you totally in love, they also are so sweet, and kind, and again totally in love. The way these two interact with each other just overflows, and radiates love. They are never short on laughter, or love to give each other, there was never a lack of smiles for each other. It was seriously so easy to photograph these two, and you will quickly see why when you take a look at these photos. I honestly could not be any more excited to these two's wedding photographer, and to be capturing their wedding day next Spring.

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