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Rita and James | Downtown | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I love engagement sessions, in fact they are usually my sessions I look forward to the most. Not only does your engagement session get you used to being in front of the camera, it also helps me see how you two interact as a couple. This meaning are you giggly, do you like to be close or further apart, and so on, it also helps me figure out what poses are best for you two! Therefore by the time your wedding comes I know exactly what is going to work best and look best for you two. However I also love them because they are always sessions filled with such excitement and joy, this realization that everything is actually happening and you are actually getting married. We get to chat about your wedding, and I get to capture that sparkle in your eye, and the smile on your fiancé's face as he watches you light up. While this is a pretty accurate description of most of my couples, it is dead on for Rita and James.

Rita and James are seriously two the sweetest, kindest, and gentlest people I have ever met. They were so filled with excitement over their engagement session, it was truly adorable. Rita and I spent a few weeks planning their session, finding the perfect locations, and Rita picked the cutest outfits. I was just as excited about their session as they were. But their excitement was seriously so sweet as they giggled with each other and pulled one another closer. These two are seriously so freaking cute together, and I should also mention they are one attractive couple. Rita is seriously stunning! I can not wait to shoot her bridal portraits because I know she is going to look so amazing, and James compliments her in every way and will make such a handsome groom. These two are the prefect match in every way and I am patiently awaiting their wedding next summer.

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