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Mike and Morgan | Belle Isle Conservatory | Detroit, Michigan

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Every year I do a couple free engagement sessions. Normally I receive around 15 entries, but in my last one I received 45 and one of them was Mike and Morgan's. I am so thankful that entry stumbled into my inbox. Mike and Morgan won the free engagement session, and after chatting briefly with Morgan I knew this was a match made in heaven. Mike and Morgan are getting married next fall at my literal dream venue, Castle Farms in Charlevoix. This venue literally looks like a castle as the name would imply, and I used to see it frequently when we drove to Charlevoix for the day with my grandparents. My Nonno Michael (grandpa) told me that princesses live there when I was little, and I always remember loving the venue. Hence why as I grew up it has always been somewhere I wanted to consider when I was getting married, and if you take a trip to google, and google this venue you will see why. It is literally gorgeous. But my love for this couple goes so far beyond their venue, literally they could get married in a dirt field and I would still love these two. Morgan and Mike are two of the sweetest people you have ever met. The second Morgan and I started emailing back and forth I just knew she had to be the sweetest person alive. It was reiterated when I first sat down to meet with them. But not only is Morgan sweet, she is also gentle, kind and loving, and makes everyone feel important. She is possibly the cutest dressed person I have ever met, and never fails to light up a room. Complimenting her perfectly is Mike, who is equally sweet, gentle, kind, and loving, and radiates happiness. He also makes Morgan laugh so easily, and never fails to put a smile on her face. Seriously these two are a photographer's dream. They are so crazy in love, and I love it. They are seriously like something out of The Notebook. I honestly don't know if I have ever photographed two people so crazy in love. Literally could feel their love from behind my camera, and they are so freaking cute together! Literal photographer's dream I am telling you. Also this couple are huge Michigan fans, so just another reason why these two are totally amazing.

Besides this amazing couple, Mike and Morgan chose an amazing place for their engagement photos, the Belle Isle Conservatory in Detroit Michigan. Take a moment and go look at this place on Instagram. Can you say gorgeous?! I wish the conservatory was in Fort Wayne because I would use it all the time. The amount of diversity of backgrounds, and the gorgeous foliage made it the perfect place for Mike and Morgan's engagement session. Plus if you know me, you know I am totally obsessed with Detroit, so getting to see some abandoned buildings was really the frosting on top of this cake. There was however a hilarious part to this day that I wanted to mention. Upon arriving to Belle Isle, which is bigger then central park, my second shooter and I were so turned around and lost. The address to the conservatory took you to a part of the island that had nothing but grass, and at one point was literally on the service road getting yelled at by one of the workers for being in the wrong place. So on this island it took us 15 minutes to find the conservatory, but in the end it was definitely worth it. Just take one look at these photos.

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