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Martin Wedding | Union 12 | Columbia City, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

"Every kids grows up assuming their parents are soulmates, your kids will be right."

- Holly, maid of honor

Nick and Kelsey are as I would say "some freaking goodness." These two literally leave me speechless with their love, and it couldn't be any more bittersweet to be blogging this wedding. Half of me is super sad that this wedding is over, which means no more 1am texts about how excited Kelsey and I both are, no more obsessing over Kelsey's gorgeous pinterest board, and no more Starbucks dates to talk about her wedding, which usually resulted in us just talking in general. But the other half of me is happy we are here because a) this wedding was A-FREAKING-MAZING and so stunning, and b) I am so excited to be sharing these photos. Plus I know I can text Kelsey anytime and convince her to go on a Starbucks run with me, so Starbucks dates will live on.

Kelsey and Nick contacted me about shooting their wedding in January, and the second we sat down for coffee I knew I wanted this wedding. Everything about Kelsey and Nick just drew me in. Their story, the fact they were both teachers, their love for their puppy, everything just lined up. Kelsey is such an outgoing, radiating, sweet soul who I seriously am so thankful I happen to meet. She lights up a room, she makes everyone feel like they are so important to her, and she never stops pouring out love to those around her. Then there is Nick, equally sweet, gentle, and the way he looks at Kelsey is so adorable. He makes everyone laugh with his jokes, always makes everyone around him feel welcome, and puts everyone at such an ease. These two are so easy to love, and make you want to keep them in your life forever. It is no wonder these two ended up together. These two were made for each other. They pour love out on each other and everyone around them, making you constantly feel welcomed and loved. These two are a total dream couple, as as the maid of honor said in her speech and as I quote above, these two are total soulmates, there is no other explanation for their chemistry.

But besides these two, there was this insanely gorgeous wedding. Kelsey showed me so many pins on Pinterest, so I knew it was going to be gorgeous but I did not expect just how gorgeous this wedding was actually going to be, starting with the venue. I had seen pictures of Union 12, but I did not expect just how beautiful it was going to be. The bridal suite was to die for. Seriously so much natural light for getting ready photos. Photographer's dream right there. Combined with the property and the barn, it was the perfect venue for this day, and a venue that I instantly added to my favorites list. Besides the venue, there was some insanely gorgeous flowers. These are straight off of Pinterest, I seriously wish every bride chose these because they were to die for. They may or may not be repeated for a stylized shoot in the future or even my wedding. That is how gorgeous these flowers were! I could talk about them all day! This florals were perfectly complimented by Kelsey and Nick's pale blue and grey color palette. The blue was absolutely beautiful on the bridesmaids and the grey suits were perfection. I have shot 3 weddings now in a row with grey suits and I have to say, I hope they never go away. It is such a perfect traditional look without being typical black and looks amazing on everyone. Besides the venue, the colors, the florals, the wardrobe, there was also amazing food, all made by the workers of Union 12 (best wedding food ever), an amazing family, I seriously wanted to be adopted into this family, and so many other gorgeous elements that could have me rambling for days.

So I could go on all day about this amazing couple, their gorgeous wedding, the details, or the bridal party. Seriously this bridal party was such a blast to work with. They had me laughing so hard I cried, and made me love my job even more then I already did. They were so welcoming, and good to us. I can not tell you how great a wedding is when the bridal party loves on us like this one did. They had Pizza for us, constantly chatting and filling us in on small little details, or cracking jokes to make us laugh. I can speak for both my second shoot and I, when I say, this group made us feel as if we had known them for 10 years and were a part of their family. I wish I could take them to every wedding. But since I can't I'll just be over here hoping Kelsey and Nick decide to totally recreate their wedding day for the heck of it. This wedding was one for the record and one I will always remember and be so grateful I was a part of.

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