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Giannerini Wedding | St Matthew's Church and The Clauddaugh | Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

This year is filled with some of the most amazing couples, and I literally could not be any more excited for the weddings on my schedule this year, especially this one. I have been looking forward to Danielle and John's wedding since I first met them last August. Danielle and John are two amazing people. Both special education teachers, with the biggest and tenderest hearts. Seriously there was no lack of tears when these two became husband and wife. And to everyone doubting the first look because they are worried their husband wont have any reaction when they come down the isle, John is here to prove you wrong. Not only did their first look leave John absolutely speechless. Seriously, mouth wide open and all he could say was "this is my wife?!", he also cried when Danielle walked down that aisle. Seriously these two, no shortage of love and devotion. These two will be together until they die and that is without a doubt. These two have a love for each other that I feel is so rare. They just love each other entirely, for everything each other is, and will forever. Literally getting emotional over here just writing about it because they two have that real love, that Nicholas Sparks movie love, and I could not be happier for these two.

John and Danielle's wedding day was absolutely gorgeous. Seriously just wait until you see the photos. First off Danielle looked AMAZING. Just wait until you see the stunning bride, and of course I can't have my stunning brides without their handsome grooms. John looked amazing in his custom made jacket and was so proud of it. But besides them, there was the adorable personal touches, a gorgeous color palette, and the amazingly hilarious bridal party. John and Danielle love to play games of all sorts, so they incorporated games into their wedding day. At their reception they had a board game table so their guests could play games during the reception and cocktail hour. They added dice into their flowers and bouts which was seriously the cutest touch. They also had a cake topper that include them playing a board game. They topped this off by having gorgeous color palette of green, purple, and yellow. Combining this with an amazing bridal party and the day was perfect. Seriously this bridal party was the bomb. Danielle had a bridesman, who kept everyone laughing. Be sure to check out the bouquet tossing bridesmaids photo. He didn't have a bouquet so he said he would put this theater degree to the test. I literally laughed so hard when I was editing the photo. John also had a best woman who was the sweetest, and seriously gave the most tear jerking speech at the wedding. I mean all in all this day was seriously so beautiful, and I was so grateful to have been a part of it!

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