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McIntyre Wedding | St Mary's Catholic Church | Huntington, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

While every wedding has a ton of happiness around the day, some weddings have a little bit more. The McIntyre wedding was one of those weddings. The type of weddings where the bride is smiling ear to ear when you arrive for getting ready shots. The type of wedding where the group is moving around trying to keep his mind occupied because his excitement is getting too much to contain. The type of wedding where the bridal party is laughing, smiling, and pouring out joy over the couple the entire day. The type of wedding where you wish you could stay forever because you can feel yourself smiling just a little bit more then normal. Seriously not a single person in attendance was without a smile as Zach and Rosie tied the knot on a beautiful Saturday in May.

The McIntyres got married at the most gorgeous and quaint Catholic church in Huntington, Indiana. Seriously just wait until you see the photos. The church is surrounded by the sweetest old houses, which made for the perfect background, gorgeous flowers which a family member of the bride planted and placed for the wedding, and the cutest little nooks and crannies for photos. It was a dream. I honestly wish photos could of lasted all day, but unfortunately the rain came, and we had to finish photos indoors. However the inside of this church was just as gorgeous. Seriously I wish all churches were as pretty as Catholic churches are!

Besides a gorgeous venue, there was the sweetest couple you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. I actually had never met Zach when I showed up to their wedding. Zach has been out in LA doing an internship and then landing a job, while Rosie was here planning the wedding, and the one meeting with me. But when I met Rosie, I knew a Zach had to be a pretty great guy. Rosie is seriously the sweetest, gentlest, kindest soul I have ever met. She has always been all smiles, and literally the most relaxed bride considering she was finishing up her last semester of college and planning a wedding all in one. She also spoke the sweetest words about Zach and his internership and how she couldn't wait to join him out in LA after the wedding. What I did not expect when I finally had both of them together was how insanely sweet they actually are together. Just above and beyond what I could of imagined. Zach, equally sweet, gentle, and kind, could not take his eyes off his gorgeous bride. Always sneaking her kisses, and the way he looked at her, seriously this guy made my job so insanely easy! These two together made my job so insanely easy, constantly pulling each other closer, and just soaking in every little moment. I wish I could shoot these two every day. Freezing this moment in time for them was seriously such an honor. Be sure to check out Zach's giant smile when he saw Rosie for the first time!

Dream Team Vendors:

Ceremony: Saint Mary's Catholic Church

Florsit: Pam Scher

Hair and Makeup Artist: McCoy Design Studio

Wedding Dress and Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Men's Tuxes: Men's Warehouse

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