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Sara and Erik | IPFW | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I am blogging my childhood best friend's engagement photos, so you can bet I am over here super emotional, and feeling like this is the most bittersweet thing ever....

Sara came to my elementary school in 4th grade, while she was the new kid and we didn't initially hit it off she pretty quickly joined our friend group. We had a group of 8 girls who had sleepovers every weekend, and were always together at lunch and recess. But my 6th grade Sara and I were inseparable. We went to each other's houses every day. Her mom took us to McDonalds on Fridays to celebrate a long week being over. My mom let us have endless sleepovers and run around the back yard until our feet were green and we were exhausted. My dad also took us in the prowler (like an off road go kart thing) and nearly killed us a few times. Her dad made jokes that made us laugh so hard we cried, seriously he wrote a remix to Tik Tok Ke$ha to describe his life. We literally did nothing without the other, and it was this way all the way through middle school. But as things go, we parted ways when I decided to attend a different high school. After that I didn't see much of Sara outside when our schools played each other in sports and what I saw on Instagram and Facebook. While life takes you away from close friends, it also has a really weird way of bringing you back. Last June I was sitting on my college campus, summer classes, and I received a text from Sara asking me about my wedding packages. First off, this girl was not engaged and second off I would of never expected this. I told her and she quickly explained that her and Erik had been talking about getting engaged but it probably wouldn't be till basketball season, but she really wanted me to photograph her wedding. Cue the tears. I honestly would of never expected her to reach out once she was engaged, even more so when she wasn't engaged. But here she was asking me all about weddings, and texting me for my opinion on color schemes and venues, and I was seriously overjoyed. Erik even told me when he was going to propose so I could make sure she didn't schedule anything else that day. Since last June, Sara and I have become super close again and I am seriously so thankful, and we seem to be growing even closer then we were before. Being a wedding photographer literally brought one of my best friends back into my life, how amazing is my job.

Besides that super sappy back story, I do have a few things to say about these two. Sara and I used to talk about our wedding, and let's be real 12 year old us had nothing on the gorgeous day Sara is currently planning. But the point is, Sara and I used to talk about this day, we used to dream of this day. Never in a million years would I have thought she would find someone I would love as much as I love her, or think was worthy of this amazing girl, and then I met Erik. I know, so corny, but SO TRUE. He is equally amazing, and the best part is he loves Sara possibly more then I do, which is hard to beat. He seriously looks at her like those guys in Nicholas Spark's movies. These two are sooo good together, and their love is so beautiful, and so amazing to capture. So if anyone needs me I will totally be ugly crying at their wedding, and over the fact that my childhood best friend is getting married. Ill wait for someone to tell me how my job could be any more amazing, because I truly do not think it can be.

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