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Shay and Javon | Downtown Roanoke | Roanoke, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I know I always say I have beautiful couples, and pretty brides, and handsome grooms. But when I work with people like Shay and Javon how could I not? I honestly felt like I should be photographing these two for the cover of a magazine because they are GORGEOUS. After this blog post I am definitely going to start making a list of excuses to photograph these two again because I do not know if I can wait till their wedding.

Shay and Javon's engagement session has been a long time coming. Seriously, we had to reschedule their engagement session 2 times. I managed to get the flu and then the weather decided it wasn't a good day for engagement photos, so I have been waiting for this session, and so has Shay. At the end of the session she told me she had her appendix out two days earlier, and this girl still showed up. Not only did she show up, she also looked amazing, and I would of never guessed she didn't feel absolutely great. We also scheduled to do their engagement session on the gorgeous piece of land that Two EE's winery belongs on. But when I arrived I was greeted with a sad sight, they were in the process of ripping up their land to expand and replant. I quickly made the decision to try downtown Roanoke and I am glad I did. This session may not have happened when or where it was suppose to, but it certainly turned out 10x better then I could of planned.

Shay and Javon have a love that is indescribable. They radiate chemistry and connection. They are so in tune with each other and always pulling each other closer, looking at each other with love, and making sure the other one was doing okay. They share that deep indescribable love that you only hear about in love stories, the kind of love little girls dream about. They are 100% committed to each other and loving each other so fiercely. It makes my job easy, but it always makes my heart a little bit happier. While divorce is such a prevalent issue today, I am blessed to work with so many couples who I know will be together in 20, 30, 50 years because their love is that deep, and that real. Shay and Javon just reminded me how amazing love truly is and how having having that one special person that you love unconditionally is the best thing in the world. I love love love these two, and I can not wait to capture them become husband and wife in 4 short months.

So enjoy this amazing couple, and feel free to obsess over their photos as much as I am.

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