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Brinde and Gus | Somewhere in the Desert | Phoenix, Arizona

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

While I was in Arizona I had the pleasure of getting in a few shoots. There was no way I was going to go out to Arizona with its beautiful desert landscapes and not do a few shoots. I mean how could you not?

While in Arizona I had the pleasure of working with Brinde and Gus to do an anniversary shoot. First thing is how amazing does Brinde look?! Would you believe me if I told you she had a baby three weeks ago, because I wouldn't. One can only dream of looking that amazing three weeks after giving birth to their third child. Seriously I was dying with envy over the fact there is no way I will ever look that good three weeks after giving birth. But besides the fact that Brinde is beautiful she is also beyond sweet. She was so loving and gentle the whole shoot towards Gus who you could tell would of rather been home watching sports. But he was there for his wife, and smiled the whole entire time. Checking on her and loving on her. These two have serious chemistry, and a whole lot of love for each other, and it was so sweet to witness and photograph. I love having the ability to work with couples who fully love each other in every way and radiate it during their session. You will see what I mean when I finally get to the photos. But besides this amazing couple, there was their adorable outfits. I seriously wish all my couples would dress up like this. I finally found an excuse for everyone to pull out an old bridesmaid dress from a wedding they were in, it would look wonderful and achieve a similar look! But honestly I loved that Gus and Brinde dressed up for their photos. It just made them that much more perfect.

Besides this awesome couple there was also the amazing Arizona landscape! I wish we had a little bit of this yumminess at home, especially the beautiful lighting. I mean Fort Wayne is beautiful, but it was such a nice change of scenery for some of these images which were perfect in my portfolio! So go ahead and enjoy these photos because I am dying to finally show them off!

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