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Butler Wedding | The History Center | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

This is a wedding you do not want to skip over because this couple is AWESOME, and I am extremely bias. Maybe it is because these two just compliment each other so well, or maybe it's that they are always all giggles together. Or just maybe it's because Alvin called me wonderful and magnificent photographer goddess and it totally made my day. It makes my day when my clients love me as much as I love each of them. Either way, this couple was a blast.

Jamie and Alvin got married on a cool October day. It was the perfect temperature for their outdoor photos, and the sunlight shined through the windows over the ceremony and start of reception. The Butlers got married at the History Center which is a gorgeous vintage style venue. If you advent checked it out, you need to. I am talking a grand chandelier and beautiful wood paneling. They complimented the venue with a elegant color scheme of navy, and accents in fall colors.

But it wasn't just the venue that made this day amazing, it was also the bridal party. I get to be around bridal parties all the time, which means I know a good bridal party when I see one. This bridal party was one of the best I have ever worked with, simply because they were all so supportive and excited over Jamie and Alvin getting married. The girls were so giggly and filled with joy, and the guys couldn't stop talking about how happy they were for Alvin and how he had found the one. It was the sweetest thing ever. I love bridal parties that are 100% in, and 100% supportive of the couple. Everyone needs a bridal party like Jamie and Alvin's.

But besides the gorgeous venue, and the amazing bridal party, there was an amazing couple in the middle of it all. Jamie and Alvin were nothing short of amazing. I could honestly rant and rave about this couple all day if it was allowed. Alvin is hilarious, always cracking jokes. He was so excited to marry Jamie, he could barely stand still when I talked with him before the ceremony. His love for Jamie just radiates to everyone. There was no doubt that Jamie was the love of his life. And Jamie is spunky, I mean her short dress was to die for. She is so full of life and joy which just compliments Alvin's joy perfectly. She also just radiates love for Alvin, and the two of them could not take their eyes off each other. They spent the whole day right by each others sides just glowing. These two could not be any more perfect together. Now go enjoy their wedding photos! Seriously this wedding was amazing.

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