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2017: On The Job

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Have you ever wondered whose behind the photos, or what I look like when I'm shooting? If so, this post is for you! Every year my second shooters take some photos of me doing my job. While most are candid, they are usually quite hilarious and I get a laugh out seeing them amongst their photos, mainly because I didn't even know they took the photo! So I hope you guys enjoy these hilarious photos, as well as some commentary to each photo!

" Are you taking a photo of me?" Fun fact this is from my first wedding of the year in March, I brought the sweater because I was terrified it was going to be cold, it happened to be 85. So this sweater was 100% unnecessary, but I was too comfy to take it off.

Want to know the real reason I shoot weddings? I LOVE DESSERTS. If I ever go missing during your wedding there is a 50% chance I went to the bathroom and there is a 50% chance I am at the dessert table. I always make sure to eat some cake when I am at weddings.

When your bride gets to be in the shade but you are in the sun, so you have to stand funny over your camera to see if you got the shot you wanted.

This wedding has a fun story behind it. Not only did I get to shoot the most adorable couple, I got to shoot the maid of honor's (her sister) wedding in September! So basically I get to work with the same family twice, which I was super happy about. Also I had surgery less then a week before this wedding and was actually suppose to be on bed rest... oops. Oh well, it was worth it.

The bride and her dad actually danced down the aisle at this wedding, which was hilarious. But I stepped in to take a quick shot, and my second shooter caught me.

The first dance is hands down my favorite thing to photograph at the reception. So it is no surprise that my second shooter caught me lingering in the background ready for the perfect shot.

I am just so dang particular about my shots, so here is me being OCD about the flowers. A shot from this wedding of the flowers actually made its way into Wedding Day Magazine so me being particular was worth it in the end. I wish I could go back to this wedding because I was so obsessed with their flowers.

I sign every guest book at every wedding. Now that I am looking back I think I may of missed on at my wedding in November... But this couple had an awesome guest book, you were to highlight your favorite bible verse. How awesome is that!

When you are holding bouquets while the bride and her girls hug guests, your second shooter takes a goofy picture of you. Mainly because I told him I wanted a picture of this amazing bouquet. I didn't think I was going to be in the shot...

I love when my second shooter gets shots of me that include the shot I am getting.

Sometimes you are intensely focused over getting the perfect first dance shot.

I love first looks! I love capturing them. This was from my first ever Friday wedding, and first ever wedding at Foster Park which is absolutely gorgeous. I could not resist putting my groom in the heart arch for when he first saw his bride.

When the bride asks you to dance with her, you dance. But that also means you have to make faces at your second shooter because he is photographing you out on the dance floor. I love when Brides ask for us (my second shooter and I) to dance or make sure we are enjoying ourselves. I can not tell you how many brides and grooms have come up to me and made sure I was having a good time. While unnecessary, I so so appreciate that my brides and grooms check up on me.

Sometimes you are waiting for a bride to make her grand exit and you stick your tongue out at your second shooter. This is clearly my signature look. This wedding was in late September and was gorgeous minus the fact bugs were attacking and I was coated in about a hundred layers of bug spray.

The lighting, the couple, the shot, I literally cried when I saw this shot.

Every once and awhile there is a few minutes of down time. At this wedding it was while everyone was eating. My second shooter and I were grabbing food after so we just hung out. He started taking photos, and while I rejected most of them I liked this one. It even made my personal instagram.

Until this photo, I had never realized how weird I hold my camera... Ever since I saw this photo I have been extremely self conscious about holding my camera. Then I realized it doesnt matter as long as I get the shot.

This was from a wedding in late September. The bride chose late September to avoid the heat. She originally was thinking the beginning and changed her mind. However we didn't avoid the heat... It was 93 degrees. This photo was from when we first got there and started shooting and my hair was still curled. In a few photos you are going to see it in a ponytail because the heat ruined my curls and I just wanted my dang hair off my neck. Either way this venue was my favorite that I shot at all year.

Another behind the scenes of me getting the shot. I am not sure if this was an intentional shot on behave of my second shooter or if I simply stepped into his shot.

By the time we started the girls photos my hair was up. It was no longer curled and I was so over it. But my second shooter captured this awesome shot and I couldn't resist sharing. One of my favorite things about weddings is wedding dresses, and Alex chose a fantastic one! I always am super anal about the dresses laying just right for the bridal portraits, so there could be a million photos just like this. I am always laying and relaying the dress.

Another behind the scenes photo of me getting the shot, which I almost didn't post because my hair is up and you can tell I was a hot mess. My second shooter and I were literally dripping in sweat the whole day. You would of thought we would of cooled down when we went inside the barn which was a cool 65, but we continued to sweat. All the sweat was worth it because Alex and Colten loved her photos!

Sometimes you have a few minutes to scout locations so I had my second shooter grab a few test shots. He clearly said something very funny.

This is my last shot I have of me from weddings that I shot this year, which is so bittersweet. There were plenty of more behind the scene photos that were not captured because my second shooter was too busy going his actual job which is a lot more important. However, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into behind the scenes of all our amazing couple's wedding days. Obviously there isn't behind the scene photos from every wedding, but these provided enough of a laugh. A huge thank you to everyone who chose Messy Photography to capture their big day! We (my second shooters and I) love you! I can not wait for another year of hilarious behind the scene photos coming in 2018!


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