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Katie and Bobby | IPFW | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Could I start every post out with a rant and rave about my job and my amazing couples? Yes, easily. But I will spare everyone because you are probably here to read about Katie and Bobby and see their awesome engagement photos, so here we go!

Last July, I got a wedding inquiry to my email, not uncommon, but this one was Katie's inquiry. I quickly called her up and scheduled to meet with her and her mom to discuss her big day. A week later we were sitting in a Starbucks. Katie was actually the first potential client I tested my wedding packet out on. I had realized I should bring more to a meeting then a contract and a notebook for notes, so I put together my wedding packet. It includes a welcome letter, wedding questionnaire, contract, price sheet, tips and tricks for your wedding day, and some frequently asked questions. I had spent about a month on it, and Katie proved it was the way to go. She booked right on the spot after I finished my little spiel about everything in the folder, and asking her about her wedding day. I am so glad she did because Katie is going to make one stunning bride, and the second I heard about her wedding day I knew I wanted to be her photographer.

Three weeks later Katie scheduled her engagement photos for October 22nd, she wanted fall engagement photos. She asked for location recommendations and I told her the place that fit everything she wanted was IPFW's soccer fields. She, along with everyone I have ever shot there, or anyone who just read that line, was skeptical about why I would choose such an odd location. The IPFW soccer fields? How could that possibly give Katie the fall photos she wanted? But what most don't know is IPFW's soccer fields post several acres of trails through the woods, an awesome white barn, and several tall grass fields. All things Katie requested for her photos.

When we finally met for their engagement photos, Katie and Bobby both told me they were nervous they were going to be awkward. Bobby even told me he doesn't love photos that much. But lets be honest, no guy loves photos so this was an easy fix. Katie had let Bobby choose their second outfits, which is something I highly recommend. He chose Cubs jerseys. This is not the first time I have shot a couple in jerseys, in fact it is actually pretty common. I would highly recommend it because it helps the guy feel like he had a say in all this wedding planning and they always turn out to be his favorite photos. As far as awkward goes, every couple I have ever photographed has at least 5 minutes of feeling awkward. I mean how often do you hold your significant other close while someone runs around you and takes pictures? But Bobby and Katie were fine within 5 minutes. I started them holding each other close and told them to talk, told Bobby to make Katie laugh, and the nerves melted away. Within 10 minutes they were all smiles, giggling and just radiating with love for each other. Seriously just wait until you look at their photos. Absolutely amazing how sweet these two were with each other. Bobby just holding Katie close and making her smile year to year, was seriously giving me the warm fuzzies. This couple just connects. They have something that I would wish for everyone.

During their engagement photos I got to hear the story of how these two met, and I cant resist sharing. The second they told me I said "I hope you know this is going on the blog." Katie and Bobby met at a party. He told me he knew of her because she used to date a guy he didn't like. He though she was pretty, and obviously he caught her eye at this party as well. Because that night he added her on facebook and she accepted. He then sent her a message asking her if she believed in princesses. She said yes, and he responded with "would you like to be treated like one?" A little over a year later he was down on one knee asking her to be his wife. Seriously these two are unreal with how adorable they are. I am so over the moon about being their wedding photographer, and you will see why the second you see their photos. They are just dreamy together!

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