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Palmer Wedding | The Stables | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I do not know Alex and Colten as well as I know some of my couples. In fact, until their wedding day I had never officially met either of them. I had simply exchanged emails, and texts with them. While some may think this is crazy, I think it is awesome to have couples trust me so much that they feel comfortable hiring me without even having met me face to face. This happens a few times every year and I think it is amazing. When Alex contacted me about a wedding in Whitehouse, Ohio I was excited. I had shot a wedding there, on private property, the year before and the little town was rather beautiful! However Alex and Colten's wedding was going to be at a gorgeous wedding venue, The Stables. While I had googled the venue and looked at pictures a million times, I still had no idea what Alex and Colten looked like, or how this wedding was going to look. I was not totally blind, but I defiantly was in the dark. My second shooter and I scouted the venue and hoped for the best. What we got was so much better then expected.

When we arrive we quickly realized that the website did not do the venue justice. This venue is absolutely incredible! The venue consists of a blueish grey barn that is absolutely beautiful on the inside, with its horse stables, wood walls, string lights and fabric draping from the ceiling. The barn sat on several acres which included white fences, a flower garden, lots of open space, a really awesome bridge, and just a gorgeous piece of land. I left this wedding venue wishing I could shoot there all the time. It is seriously gorgeous.

Upon arriving we met with the guys to take their group photos before the wedding. They were rushing to get ready as we had to be done in a hour before the girls arrived. Colten and his guys wore classic black tuxes, and were matched by the cutest ring bearers I had ever seen. They laughed through photos, shared a few pre-wedding cigars, and talked about how dang hot it was. It was 93 degrees on Alex and Colten's big day. Once the guys left, the girls arrived and I became concerned with keeping them all cool so they wouldn't sweat. My second shooter ran around with fans, giving them to the girls between photos. However, it almost seemed to be cooler when we took the girls outside. Alex and her girls may have been hot but they never looked anything but beautiful. They laughed when I would tell them to lay Alex out, referring to her dress, ooo'ed and ahh'ed over how beautiful Alex looked, and brought so much excitement and joy to the day. Alex looked absolutely stunning in an incredible and classic lace mermaid dress. I am seriously still thinking about it!

As amazing as the venue was and the bridal party, the couple was even more amazing. Alex and Colten waited until she was walking down the aisle to see each other and it was such a beautiful moment. Colten tearing up seeing his beautiful bride. Seeing them together was incredible. Alex and Colten just seemed so in love, from the way they looked at each other, to the way they lit up around each other, to the fact that they were all smiles next to each other. Alex and Colton are such a beautiful couple, and so incredibly sweet. The newspaper showed up to take pictures of Alex and one of the guests and I was rather confused by it so I asked Colten. Alex had a friend in high school who needed one so her and all her friends got registered to be bone marrow donors. She would of never through several years later she would be getting a call. This little boy was sick, he was diagnosed with cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant, immediately. They searched the system and found a perfect match, Alex. Alex didn't even hesitate, even though it meant a painful surgery and being in bed for several days. But the little boy and his family didn't get to meet Alex until a week before the wedding on Good Morning America. Alex was so selfless and saved this little boys life. Colten beamed with pride as he told me this story. He was so proud of his selfless bride. He was just in awe of her. It brought tears to my eyes. That night when I arrived home I looked up the video of Alex meeting this little boy. Seriously, do it. I bawled my eyes out. I seriously work with the most amazing couples, and I am so thankful for these two.

So enjoy this amazing couples photos, they are honesty some of my favorite to date! Be sure to check out Alex's incredible dress. Seriously still drooling over it!

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