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Danielle and John | Downtown Indianapolis | Indianapolis, Indiana

A few months ago I had an engagement session giveaway which some of you might remember. Danielle and John were one of the couples who entered. While they didn't win, they were interested in still having me photograph their big day. We set up a date for their engagement photos and off I drove to Indianapolis.

From the beginning, aka from the survey, I knew Danielle and John were amazing people. They are both special education teachers! They are also two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. They both love to dance and actually met at a dance. Danielle walked up to John, told him she didn't like his outfit and then asked him to dance. They started dating shortly after. Apparently this is not the first time a family member has insulted someone upon meeting them. Danielle told me this is practically a family tradition. Talk about going and taking what you want! I am glad Danielle was bold because it lead her to her husband!

This session was filled with love, laugher, and a lot of dancing! I asked them to dance several different places during their session for some awesome shots of them doing what they love. I'll have to admit I am beyond excited to see them dance at their wedding. I know it will not be a traditional slow dance! We also made sure to stop at their favorite game store. They love nights at home playing board games! They will be getting married next June in Indianapolis and I could not be any more excited!

That being said, go ahead and enjoy this awesome couple!

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