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Moravec Wedding | Trinity Lutheran and The Philmore | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Blogging this wedding is so bittersweet, mainly because it means it is over and I am just not ready to be done looking at these beautiful images of this beautiful wedding.

I do not know every detail about Kirsten and Brett's love story, but I do know the amount of love, respect, and value they have for each other is unreal. I could not feel any more blessed to have been their wedding photographer. Kirsten and Brett were all smiles the day of their wedding, filling the air with laughter and talk about how the big day was finally here. Kirsten was absolutely radiating and Brett was smiling ear to ear, excited to finally see his bride. When the time came for Kirsten to walk down the aisle, Brett was in awe. Their ceremony, a tear jerker, filled with beautiful hymns, bible readings, and traditional vows. After the ceremony it was off to pictures and the off to celebrate at the gorgeous reception, The Philmore.

This day was filled with the most beautiful details. First off, the flowers. I can guarantee that you have never seen more gorgeous flowers. Seriously, I am still obsessing over them. The flowers perfectly complimented the girls purple dresses, and the guys navy suits. I am a sucker for navy suits. Everything was tied together by the beautiful ceremony venue, Trinity Lutheran, and the awesome mural we used for some pictures. Kirsten actually requested a urban location for some photos and when I said the mural I held my breath hoping she would be in. She was and I was pumped! Their wedding colors complimented the mural off of Broadway perfectly.

The reception was filled with gorgeous table settings, amazing food, and an awesome cake! The bride and groom had a half and half cake. Meaning one half of the cake looked wedding, bridal like, and the other half looked like the death star from Star Wars. It was pretty awesome! Friends and family danced the night away with the two, and sent them off with a sparkler exit!

This wedding was one I will never forget. Mainly because I felt like I was shooting for a magazine. It was that gorgeous! A little side note: some of you may recognize the unclose shot of the girls flowers. This is because it was featured in Wedding Day Magazine's blog! (I actually cried when they emailed me about featuring it)

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