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Walker Wedding | Lakeside Park and The Philmore | Fort Wayne, Indiana

This wedding has been being planned for 3 years, so I can say that everyone, mainly the bride and groom, were beyond ready and excited for this day to finally be here. Taylor and D'an's wedding day was filled with a whole lot of excitement, love, and rain. It poured up until about five minutes before Taylor was to walk down the aisle at Lakeside Rose Garden, but we made it.

Taylor and D'an met in elementary school but it wasn't till the end of Taylor's Sophomore year, D'an's Junior year that feelings started developing. According to D'an, he had a big crush on her, and kept trying to talk to her. One day he said, "just say something!" and Taylor said "something." They started dating shortly after, and now here I am, five years later, writing a blog post about their wedding.

Now that you know their story, lets talk about their big day. Besides the fact that it was basically a hurricane up until Taylor walked down the aisle, the wedding day was beautiful. The air was filled with laugher, a lot of worry about the rain, talk about how the big day was finally here, excitement for the new married couple, and of course a lot of love. Taylor was absolutely glowing the whole time and D'an did not stop smiling and trying to catch glimpses of Taylor between photos. Taylor looked absolutely stunning, and D'an looked equally handsome.

The wedding took place at Lakeside Rose Garden, which after all the rain, looked just beautiful. The roses were in full bloom, and made the perfect backdrop for ceremony. The reception took place at The Philmore which is such a neat reception hall. It has this amazing vintage, classy vibe that complimented Taylor's wedding colors, and decorations perfectly. I can't wait to shoot at The Philmore later this year. Overall the whole day seemed like a dream. With that being said I will let you get to their gorgeous wedding photos! Enjoy!

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