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Logan and Jamie | Metea Park | Leo, Indiana

Jamie and Logan are one of my awesome 2017 couples. They will be getting married at the very end of September, and as always I am excited. However when Jamie told me she wanted to do their engagement photos in the winter, I was a little worried. If you live in Fort Wayne, or even near Fort Wayne, you would know that we are having a dumb winter, and by that I mean we have no snow. Shooting in the snow is awesome and so romantic! Shooting in the cold, when it is ugly out? Not so much. I was really worried Jamie would want these gorgeous winter wonderland engagement photos and I was not going to be able to deliver. To my luck, she wasn't worried about it one bit. But that did not stop me from bring my a-game to make their engagement photos as gorgeous as possible even in the dead of a non-white winter.

Now Jamie and Logan are two very sweet, caring, and silly individuals who compliment each other in every way. They radiate with love for each other. I know I say that a lot, but it is true! I am so blessed to work with couples who just ooze love! I am honestly so excited to capture their wedding day. Hopefully September will be a little more pleasant then February was!

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