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Natalie and Conner | Marion Hills Farm | Fort Wayne, Indiana

Before I pick on Conner in this post, everyone should know he is my cousin.

Conner and Natalie, oh how I love these two. I have actually been around these two since the beginning of their relationship, so I can say that these two are perfect for each other. Not only are they both sweet, selfless, and totally in love with each other, they are also such a gorgeous couple. Conner actually works for Marian Hill Farm so it was an obvious choice to do their photos at that gorgeous location.

We met on a very humid August night. The only reason I mention that is because Conner mentioned how hot he was at least 10 times. But besides the humidity the weather was gorgeous. The sun was low in the sky giving a gorgeous hue to their photos by the barn. The bugs were at bay so we were able to venture into the trails for the pictures with the gorgeous wildlife. Overall I could not have asked for a better night to shoot these two.

Their session was filled with lots of giggles, Conner asking me if we were done with this post (usually asked after I had taken one photo), and some sweet little moments. I could not be more thankful to be able to photograph this couple whenever I want. Natalie is heading back to IUPUI this weekend, and Conner is entering his senior year at IPFW, so these photos are just a little something they have to get them through their time apart. So enjoy one of my favorite couples who I absolutely love!

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