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Brittney and Logan | Salomon Farms | Fort Wayne, Indiana

I have actually known Brittney and Logan for quite a while, since junior year of high school, which I can't believe has been almost five years ago. When I first met these two they were not a couple. In fact they both were dating other people. Brittney was one of the best volleyball players at our school and super popular, and Logan, well he was in my english class and that was about all I knew.

I actually lost touch with Brittney after high school and would only occasionally see her to do pictures of her adorable son Zay! When I saw that Brittney and Logan were dating I found it weird that I had not pictured them together before. Seeing them together made it even more clear, they were perfect for each other. I was beyond ecstatic when they got engaged, and contacted me!

For their engagement session Brittney suggested Salomon Farms, and I was in. (It happens to be one of my favorite locations to shoot at.) Upon arriving I quickly caught up with Logan, and fell back into place with Brittney. We jumped right into photos and I could not have been happier. I have always hoped Brittney and her handsome little boy would find someone wonderful, sweet, loving, who would be there for Zay, and who was going to be the perfect companion for Brittney, and it is Logan. Their sweet little conversations when I asked them to hold a pose so I could get a few shots, their radiating smiles each time they held each other close, and their laughs were so contagious.

I could keep talking but I am going to let the photos speak for these two. Hope you enjoy!

PS. Isn't Brittney and her ring just gorgeous?!

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