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2016: On the Job

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Hey everyone! All you guys ever get to see is my images, but what about the person behind them? Well, every year my second shooters capture some very candid and sometimes really ugly photos of me doing my job. So here I am to share them with you. Feel free to laugh, and know that if I am there on your wedding day I will be making the same faces photographing you.

PS. I gave a little commentary to each photo for your enjoyment.

PSS. There is not a photo of me at every wedding we shot, so I am sorry if you were hoping to see funny photos of me at your wedding and didn't!

Every wedding I am at the groomsmen have no idea how to pin their flowers onto themselves, so therefore it is my job, which I do not mind at all. I am basically a pro at this point.

I honestly have no clue what was happening here.

If anyone has seen any America's Funniest Home Videos, you will understand why I was afraid of all of us standing on this dock. Luckily we made it.

"Let me try on the ring!"

Is anyone even listening to me here? The answer was no.

I was stationed above during the wedding, which I moved below during too. However right before this photo my second shooter threw an acorn at me. I was not pleased.

I was clearly happier a few seconds later.

This photo was my cover photo on Facebook for about a year, because I just love seeing everyone happy while I was getting my shot. Plus this may or may not have been one of the most giggly bridal parties I have worked with!

A lot of photos include a lot of people standing around and looking at me, good thing I do well under pressure.

"I'm just going to move you a little bit."

Honestly, why did no one tell me my hair looked this bad that color?

I was having my second shooter test some light there we were going to be doing photos, the result? A semi grumpy photo of me.

I can't believe I scrunch my face this much when I smile.

This photo is still one of my favorites to date.

When you have a cute little ring bearer you take a photo with him, even when he's not paying attention.

Again, my dang hair. But you might also recognize these two, they are featured all over my website!

I was completely excited one Sedona said she wanted a shot from the pastors view! Even though I felt kind of weird being up front instead of moving around the back.

I am going to be honest, these boys were rowdy. They were more interested in the bar then doing wedding photos, so a few beers worked to bribe them. My second shooter and I also stayed past our time, to be able to dance, and have some fun with this group. Their wedding was a total blast.

Honestly, I may look really grumpy, but this is just my face.

I didn't think my second shooter was actually taking a photo... but he was....

My last wedding of 2016 will forever live on in this photo. I was taking some hugging photos!

I hope you guys enjoyed my ridiculous faces, and a few candid photos of me doing what I love!


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