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18 Things To Do During Quarantine

I was working on an introduction Friday for quarantine, which was fitting of course, and wanted to gather a list of things I have done and plan on doing during this quarantine, because if you read my post yesterday, I mentioned that as an Introvert/Extrovert, yes I am both, literally 51% Extrovert 49% Introvert, that I am kind of loving quarantine, but I know some of you aren't. So I was going to list the things I have been doing/plan on doing hoping to give one of my stir crazy extravert followers an idea or two to keep you preoccupied. However Instagram has a character limit for your captions, so I decided to bring it over to the blog, so I could post a massive list here for everyone! Now I will say there are some things in my list that are photographer specific because I know I have been using this time both for personal pleasure and work benefit and wanted to make sure I addressed both! If you are a bride, I do recommend using this time for planning as well!

Here we go with 18 Things To Do During Quarantine!

1. Watching Netflix or Hulu. I would recommend the following shows: Bones, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, Schitt's Creek, Parks and Rec, You, Dexter, or Nailed It! 2. Painting a geometric wall in my half bathroom. I really wanted to do something fun in my half bath, since the rest of my house is simply painted grey, hence a wall in the half bath being painted with a geometric pattern just made sense, plus I am not even close to done and it has already consumed 5 hours of my time. 3. Embroidering. This may be the most old lady craft, but I'm not even mad about it. Finding a craft to do has been consuming my time and making the days quicker. I will admit I have done other various crafts but this has been my favorite. 4. Paint my half bath vanity. When I moved into my house all the vanities were brown. I have painted the two full bath's vanities white, but the half bath still needs done and what a perfect time. This is such a great time to do those home improvement projects, especially if you have all the stuff for it! 5. Clean, everything. My entire house was cleaned yesterday but I have been taking this time to clean things that normally don't get cleaned regularly. Such as all my blankets in my house, and cleaning all my windows. 6. Blog. This is definitely for my photographers, but I have been using this time to catch up on the blogging I have neglected. Which has been more than I am willing to admit. 7. Spend time with those who are quarantined with you. While I live alone, my parents live 4 minutes away, so I have been spending every other day there with them. We have watched some really good movies, ate yummy food, and had some really good talks. It has been so lovely to spend uninterrupted time with my parents. 8. Read a book. I know some of you may not like reading, but if you love it, now is such a good time to full dive into a book and just read the day away. 9. Catch up on some education. Again for my photographers, I have used this time to dive into some of my many courses I have purchased but have yet to touch, or courses I was too busy to complete. 10. Organized and re-organized. I am definitely type A, and everything in my house has a place, but sometimes things get messy, or I realize the order I have something in just doesn't work. So take the time to reorganize something in your house, or organize something in the first place such as your closet, or linen closet.

11. Get some fresh air! This morning I went and sat on my patio and ate breakfast with a book, and it was so relaxing. I also have a lot of windows open in my house for fresh air. But getting outside right now makes you feel way less trapped at home. As I was working in my office, I saw what seemed like a million people walking, running, biking, etc, through my neighborhood so this seems to be the move.

12. Edit photos! While I have not photogtahed anything in almost two weeks, I still have a few last sessions to edit and deliver. I will be honest and say I am dragging my feet because as of right now it looks like I will not be photographing any more sessions or weddings until the beginning of May, which makes me so sad. But getting these galleries out and having uninterrupted editing time has been really beneficial.

13. Pinteresting! This is for everyone, literally. I reorganized my Pinterest boards the other day which consumed more time then I will admit, and I have been gathering recipes for dinners and looking for decor inspiration for my living room. On the flip side, if you are a photographer this is a good time to get photos pinned and start using Pinterest as the major marketing tool it is!

14. Writing. As an English major, I love writing, and having so much extra time on my hands has made it so that I have ample time to write and I am loving it. If you love writing rather it be journaling about your feelings, or creative writing, or making lists, this is such a good time to do it and enjoy it.

15. Exercise. While I will say my biggest excuse for not exercising normally is time, which is why I am over here exercising during this. I have been doing Yoga, Zumba, Dancing, really anything that appeals to me for that day. But this one is also a must because I will say I have been eating more simply because Im bored and have all my favorite snacks stocked up, so unless I want to come out of this quarantine 10 pounds heavier, the exercise is very needed.

16. Devotionals. I have been using my extra time to get up in the morning and start my day off with a little Jesus, and let me tell you, the days are a whole lot better. I am seriously in such a positive mood going into the day after spending time in my bible. So this has been such a good time for me to establish my route of doing my devotional every morning before breakfast, instead of late at night when I am tired.

17. Redecorate, or just decorate. I will be honest, I have only lived in my house for 3 months, and it is not fully decorated. I just have struggled to decide what I want and where. So while rooms like my office were easy, or the gallery wall on my landing was exactly what I wanted, figuring out what to do with my living room has been hard, so I have been taking this time to actually figure it out and start ordering some decor! I have also taken this time to move some decor around. I have two bookcases in my office, various decor other places that I have been moving and rearranging to achieve the perfect look!

18. Baking/Cooking. While there is a shortage of supplies, I have had enough to do some baking, meaning a whole lot of blueberry muffins have been made and consumed. Like I said the exercise is needed. However this is also a really good time to do some cooking. Make that dinner that takes 2 hours because you aren't at work and totally have the time. I have been enjoying cooking dinner a whole lot more now that I have been having days of laziness so I feel less stressed and rushed to finish dinner so I can relax. Hopefully one of these ideas gives you something to do to keep you a little less stir crazy for a day or so!

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