Abigail Grace Featured Wedding

Gaby and Michael

Location: Fort Wayne

Venue: The Orchid

This wedding was a little extra special, because a little over nine months earlier, I photographed Gaby's sister's wedding. Being  able to work with the same family twice in under a year was such a blessing, and I was so thankful that Gaby's sister, Keirsten, referred her my way. 

My favorite moments from Gaby and Michael's Wedding Day were the way Michael lit up when he saw Gaby for the first time, the rock star bridal party (seriously they got the bride and groom Taco Bell while they were doing portraits because they were hungry), running around with Gaby's veil during portraits to get some incredible images, and Gaby's sweet little flower girl and sister GiGi high jacking the cake cutting and thinking Michael was going to feed her the cake instead of Gaby. Every single detail of this day was beautiful and this was one of those weddings where I could of photographed it ten more times and still wanted to keep taking photos.

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